Revival Synth Presents....

Salt Lake City
Blondeking is a modern indie band with a retro-forward vibe. This is most obvious on the new single release called “Still Wishing” which features the b-side “Silent and Awake”. 
These new songs were produced with the idea that in the early ’80s there was this amazing convergence of the analog world with the emerging digital realm. 
From synths and effects to recording techniques, everything was changing during that time and with it emerged a new sound. Blondeking tried to channel inspiration from the worlds of Martin Hannett and Stephen Hague to produce a sound on these tracks that emotes the feeling of that era.

Blondeking has released a cover of The Ocean Blue song “Cerulean”.  This individual take on the song tries to hold true to the original version of the song while taking on the unique sound that Blondeking is known for.

Also, Blondeking recently worked with Grammy award-winning Producer, Philip Larsen, one-half of the duo Manhattan Clique, on a remix of the song called “Far Away My Soul”. The remix titled “Far Away My Soul – Philip Larsen Saints and Sinners Remix” showcases the song in a different light with a light “house” vibe and a richer mix.

Following that project, Blondeking asked Philip to help on a cover of New Order’s “Weirdo”. Once again he worked his magic with incredible results.

You can listen to the music of Blondeking on any of your favorite music services. Check us out on the links below.