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Thinking Humans is the new EP from Blondeking, released on 19/6/2020, this EP is a celebration of amazing things humans do and in particular songwriters and artists. ⁣This is an EP where he covers a few songs that he just loves. 
Here is the tracklisting:⁣ Love is a Shield⁣ (Originally by  Camouflage ) This is how it feels (Originally by Inspiral Carpets) Weirdo⁣ (Originally by New Order) Cerulean⁣ (Originally by The Ocean Blue)  Misunderstanding⁣  (Originally by The Grapes of Wrath
For Blondeking, “Misunderstanding” is the standout single. He put it last on the EP because it is one of those songs that makes him want to hit repeat and it’s the encapsulation of the sound he was going for on this EP. It also is the segue into the follow-up EP (coming soon) of all original songs, titled “Human Thinking”. 
Anyway, he is very excited to share this EP with you. OUT NOW!

In the past, Blondeking has worked with Grammy award-winning Producer, Philip Larsen, one-half of the duo Manhattan Clique, on a remix of the song called “Far Away My Soul”. The remix titled “Far Away My Soul – Philip Larsen Saints and Sinners Remix” showcases the song in a different light with a light “house” vibe and a richer mix.

Following that project, Blondeking asked Philip to help on a cover of New Order’s “Weirdo”. Once again he worked his magic with incredible results.

You can listen to the music of Blondeking on any of your favorite music services.